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To the Authors of a Paper Presented at the Transducers 2015 Conference:

Several archival journals will welcome submissions based on your work presented at Transducers 2015. For your paper to be of interest and to avoid copyright violations, the manuscript you would be submitting to the journals MUST REFLECT YOUR LATEST WORK AND PRESENT MAJOR CHANGES FROM YOUR PUBLISHED WORK IN THE TRANSDUCERS 2015 CONFERENCE TECHNICAL DIGEST. All submitted papers will be refereed and dealt with according to the procedures of each journal.

Below are four journals that are soliciting manuscripts. If you wish to submit your work for publication in one of these archival journals, please contact the editor for information about manuscript preparation.

Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering - Call for Papers
Ian Forbes, Editor
Inquiries: - jmm@iop.org

Microsystems & Nanoengineering - Call for Papers
Nature Publishing Group
Professor Tianhong Cui, Executive Editor-In-Chief
Phone: +1-612-986-0322
E-Mail: mems_nano@mail.ie.ac.cn or tcui@mail.ie.ac.cn

Journal of Sensors and Actuators - Call for Papers
Professor Paddy French, (General Editor)
Inquiries: Ms. Olga Mendelova, Editor's Assistant
E-Mail: O.Mendelova@tudelft.nl or SandA@ewi.tudelft.nl

IEEE/ASME Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems - Call for Papers
Professor Christofer Hierold, Editor-In-Chief
Inquiries - Lisa Jess, IEEE Publishing Operations
Phone: +1-732-465-6617
E-Mail: l.jess@ieee.org

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